fredag 12 december 2008

Fever Ray album announced and more news

I've produced five songs on the recently announced new album from Fever Ray, Karin Dreijers new solo project. As with the recent The Knife-albums, I also mixed the whole album together with Fever Ray and the lovely and friendly Van Rivers & the Subliminal Kid who produced the rest of the album.

You can have a listen to an instrumental of the first single (one of the songs i was involved in) here:

furthermore: the graphics for MY SONIC MOUNTAIN RECORDS is finally put together and the first 12" is now in production at a factory somewhere:

MSM001 - Tora Vinter - Don't Turn Around/Sophies Nightmare

check back for news within a few weeks...

/Christoffer Berg

onsdag 10 september 2008

Off the Wall 080926

This month at Off the Wall @ Nefertiti in Gothenburg we have the pleasure of having Phil Darimont as our guest.
Phil is a dear old friend with a deep burning interest in music and we'll play records together, hopefully inspiring oneanother to inspire to dance.

Nefertiti 26th of September 00-04.

Listen to his RBMA Trainwreck mix here

And DO check his awsome unreleased track "subakuatik blues" here


Delia, the Amazon

I am really happy that the first release on My Sonic Mountain will be from a female artist (Tora Vinter). I was working the other week with the Subliminal Kid and he showed me this link:

... it almost made me cry like a baby when i heard it... So A M A Z I N G!

I've been into Delia Derbyshire a bit, but this is mindblowing stuff... recorded in the end of the 60s.

It also made me a bit sad, it reminded me of reading "Love saves the Day" by Tim Lawrence, discovering that it was actually an upstate New York nun who provided David Mancuso with the blueprint of the party concept that is The Loft. It's such a shame that all but a few women in music history really got the credit they deserve.

tisdag 9 september 2008

A new beginning

This blog is a continuation from another place - My Sonic Temple.

chrck out earlier posts here