onsdag 29 april 2009

St Göran Spring Mix!

One of the steadiest heartbeats in town, a beautiful dancing boy and good friend St Göran made a new mix in the light spring night when everyone else were sleeping;

"The new Spring Mix is here. A housier side of life."

It is opened by our latest release Sofie's Nightmare by Tora Vinter! Pride and Joy!


1. Tora Vinter - Sofie's Nightmare (My Sonic Mountain)
2. Tony Lionny - Golden (LOTD)
3. Sankt Göran - My Friend Played The Guitar (Beat Pharmacy Dub, Solar Disco)
4. Santiago Salazar - Arcade (SG RMX, Macro)
5. Culoe De Song – The Bright Forest (Innervisions)
6. Blaze – My beat (Derrick Carter's Disco Circus Mix, Slip’n’Slide)
7. Nagano Kitchen – Destination Nagano (Jerome Sydenham RMX, Ibadan)
8. Matt John – Radio Self (Perlon)
9. Robert Dietz – Witness (Running Back)
10. Model 500 – Ocean To Ocean (Transmat)
11. Basic Soul Unit – The Stand (Philpot)
12. Jark Prongo – Helios (Innervisions)
13. Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythms (NRK)

onsdag 22 april 2009

Tora Vinter in Dairmount's HATS OFF 002 mix

Have a LISTEN TO THE MIX and explore much more at http://blog.metronomic-family.com/

tisdag 21 april 2009

Tora Vinter is remixing...

Tora Vinter is currently in the studio working on a hot remix...

also MSM is hitting Hamburg to spread records in the shops!

MSM001 is now available at http://www.smallville-records.com/.

fredag 3 april 2009

Tora Vinter in Trevor Jacksons 15 "Big Ones..." Chart

Looks like it's going to be a really good party, wish I wasn't leaving London that very sunday, would've been amazing to hear the 12" on a function 1 system!!!

Trevor Jackson 15 big ones for Tropicana -Escape From NY

1. rebolledo feat matías aguayo -pitaya frenesi
2. chloe & krikor - plein soleil (brontasaurus remix)
3. ilija rudman - in motion
4. tora vinter - don't turn around
5. basic soul unit - dank
6. mindless boogie 19 - why don't you answer
7. reality check - audio soul project
8. zombie disco squad - vie!
9. levon vincent - six figures
10. frankie goes to hollywood - relax (sex mix)
11. zongamin - azzazza
12. wireman - axiom
13. droid - three
14. higamos hogamos - major (mickey moonlight remix)
15. telonius - like what (glimmers remix)

torsdag 2 april 2009

Tora Vinter in Ali Tillett's Warm Chart!

Ali Tillett, the booking agent of many of our favourite artists charted MSM001!

We are honoured to be in such good company in the chart.

Check http://www.myspace.com/warmagency for the chart, etc
Check http://warmhq.blogspot.com/ for even more stuff